About Us

  • Different Strokes connotes expression; seamless, boundless and infinite.
  • "Different" clearly depicts the flexible and dynamic nature of the company, experimenting and exploring into newer forays with time.
  • Constant adaptation to newer ideas and verticals.
  • "Strokes" undoubtedly indicates Art and its forms depicted through strokes of the brush probably the most elementary tool of expression.
  • The wide objects covering print, corporate design, space styling, set design, wedding planning and even corporate films; covers almost every aspect of art and its forms.
  • Started in year 2005, we have had a consistent commitment to creating design solutions for our clients in the best possible price fit. Having Space styled homes and offices of different sizes and taste, we would only be right to say that we have expertize in providing the "Value for Money" and "Super Luxury" models alike.

The Team

Our Dedicated management team comprises of three professionals from the Art field, covering Design, Fine Arts & Fashion.

Teamed up with members on board from the Finance & Legal fields, just about rounds off this team to be a perfect blend of the left and right brains!

We also have a team of inspired and skilled workers who bring a large value to the table for clients. Our associates, suppliers and partners for various smaller roles too, play an important role to bring about a synergized effort in the completion of every project, thus bringing out the desired results for Clients.